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3G Sunsetting Resource Center

Your in-home health and security devices might stop working because of the 3G network phase out. Find out if your device will be affected

and how to prepare.

For Veterans with LogicMark GuardianAlert911+, please click the button below.
What is 3G? 
“3G” allows mobile phones to connect to the internet. Launched in 2002, the 20-year-old technology is the “third-generation” of cellular networks. 
Why is 3G shutting down? 

Mobile providers are shutting down their 3G networks to make room for more advanced network services, like 5G LTE.  4G LTE and 5G LTE are much faster, more spectrally efficient,  and built for “long-term evolution.” 

When is the 3G sunsetting happening? 
Carriers have already begun shutting down the network in certain areas.  3G may already be phased-out in your area.  While there may be delays and shifts, the network will be gone by the end of the year.  Here's a schedule of when the networks plan to complete their 3G phase-out:
AT&T: February 1, 2022
Sprint: March 31, 2022
T-Mobile: July 1, 2022
Verizon: December 31, 2022
Carriers such as Cricket, Boost and Straight Talk utilize these networks, so if you don't see your network listed, you could still be affected.
What devices will be affected?
Wearable Devices
Personal Emergency Response Devices 
Wearable Locators for Children & Pets
Smart Watches
Ankle Monitors 
3G Cellular Phones & Tablets such as those Manufactured by:

Home & Automotive
Home Security & Monitoring Systems
GPS & In-Car Assistants

Remote Starters
Vehicle SOS Services  

WiFi Devices Using Cellular Back-Up for Outages
Mobile Hotspots Routers 
Will my LogicMark device be affected by the 3G shutdown?
Very few of our personal emergency response devices are being affected by the network phase-out.  Veterans who are using a GUARDIANALERT911+ product, should view this page for specific 3G sunsetting information.
How do I check to see if my device will still work? 
Try to perform a system test.  Some products have tests buttons to test connectivity.  If your device does not function normally, you may be affected.  If your device does not allow for a system test, find your manufacturer’s information. Call their customer support line to determine if your device will be affected by the shutdown. 

REMINDER: 3G is an issue affecting millions of Americans. Companies are being inundated with support calls, act early to avoid delayed replacement and assistance. 
What happens if my 3G device can no longer connect to a network? 
Most likely, your device will not be able to perform the function it was meant to do.  Please contact your device manufacturer for specific testing and device network connection information. 
Are 4G LTE devices a good replacement solution for my 3G devices? 
4G LTE is the current standard of cellular network connection. This technology launched in 2008 and is widely used around the country. 
What is the purpose of 4G LTE? 
The fourth generation of mobile networks was built to allow mobile phone users to access the internet and communicate via voice and messaging. 
How is 5G LTE different than 4G LTE? 
5G is the next generation of cellular network technology.  It is meant to move large amounts of data quickly.  While already in use overseas, it's just beginning its rollout in the United States.  
Should I buy 5G devices only?
Not necessarily.  Because the 5G network is so new, many types of devices have yet to be developed for 5G. The good news is that 4G LTE will be available for at least a decade to come, and will co-exist with 5G networks.
When is 5G LTE expected to be available everywhere? 
AT&T & Verizon have begun to launch their 5G LTE networks.   

5G LTE still not yet widely available, as it has only begun its launch in certain areas. There may be coverage differences between urban and rural areas.   

There are still questions about the wide-spread use of 5G–including it being available around airports, its voice communication capabilities, and its connectivity when users are in locations where there may be metal, tin, or concrete roofs, dense walls, etc.  
Is LogicMark developing 5G products?
5G LTE Network protocols and coverage are launching at the same time.  

Our engineers are working diligently reviewing the new 5G protocols so that we can continue to build the most reliable, stable, dependable devices on the market.  
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Tips to Prepare for 3G Sunsetting

1. Test your devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Before you try to connect it to WiFi or network service, make sure you have the latest firmware installed.   Update the device's firmware, if necessary.  If you're having trouble, contact the customer support center.​

2. Determine the Manufacturer and Device Model. 

3. Ask customer service about the device’s 3G network coverage.  Remember that customer support centers are overwhelmed because of the shutdown, so call as soon as you can.  

4. Inquire about warranties and replacement policies.  Have customer service suggest replacement devices. 

5. Enlist your friends and family to help you prepare for 3G Sunsetting. Have them help you test your devices and contact the manufacturer to get help.  Supply chain issues might also cause a slow-down in getting replacement devices, so check devices now.

6.  Update or replace the device if necessary.

3G Sunsetting Resource Center

Are you a Veteran with a GuardianAlert 911+? 
Model # 30711a & 30711b will be affected.

GUARDIANALERT911+ devices manufactured and shipped between

“October 2015-November 13th, 2020”, will be affected.

If your device is covered under warranty, and was shipped between April 23rd, 2020-November 13th, 2020, we will replace your GuardianAlert911+ at zero cost to you.



If you received your device through your local Veterans Administration Medical Center or another Veterans Provider, please Find Your Local VA

All GuardianAlert911+ replacement devices use 4G LTE networks for mobile coverage. 4G LTE is currently considered the gold standard of mobile network coverage. 

Call Us at (888)-229-9824

Only LogicMark's GuardianAlert911+ Model Numbers 30711a or 30711b are affected by the 3G network shut down.  To check your device:

Step 1: Turn the Unit Over 

Step 2: Look Under the “GuardianAlert911+“Logo 

Step 3: Check if 30711a or 30711b is written next to “Model Number” 

Step 4: Model Numbers 30711a OR 30711b will need to be replaced. 

Step 5: Call (888)-229-9824 to reach our dedicated customer support line. 

Watch the video below to see how to identifying your device and model number. 

If your device is not covered under warranty, and you are looking to purchase a NEW Personal Emergency Response device, please provide your contact information. One of our representatives will contact you ASAP. 

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